A Few Thoughts on King David

My late friend Gerald Franz loved King David. A little over two months after he died, out of respect to him, I began rereading the Old Testament Scriptures about David.

David’s story starts in 1 Samuel 16 and goes into the first part of 1 Kings. It’s recounted in 1 Chronicles 10 through the end of the book.

When you read about David, you can’t help but see what an honorable, righteous man he was. Yes, he committed grievous sins, and he paid the cost of serious consequences for the rest of his life.

But David sought the Lord. He’s described as a man after God’s own heart. He was both a warrior and a worshipper. His significance is demonstrated by the frequent reference to Jesus as the son of David.

David has a special place in Israel’s history. It’s his kingdom on earth which the Lord will establish one day.

With that in mind, I was glad to see that “Moments for You” for the second quarter of 2015 featured David as its theme. I invite you to view the collection of brief, uplifting articles about David here.