How You Can Support This Site…and More

The main goal of this site is not to be a money making venture, as my previous endeavors were intended to be. Rather, it gives me an outlet for my writing, and it gives me the opportunity to share insights with you.

There is a cost to maintain this site though. If you believe the effort I put into what appears here has value or is a blessing to you, your support is welcome.

Let me be clear in saying you’re under no obligation to support this site. But if you’ve been blessed by what you’ve seen here, here’s how you can…

Give Something Back

There are two ways to do that.

First, I have an affiliate marketing agreement with . This means that, when you click on the ad for and purchase anything from them, I receive a small commission. It’s only a few pennies per each dollar, but every little bit counts. has what you need for your personal Bible study and enrichment, your church or even your home school. Check them out.

Second, if you feel generous, you could say thank you by buying something from my Amazon wish list and having it sent to me at the address on this site’s contact page. This is an alternative to setting up a crowd sourced funding page.

And thank you in advance for whatever God leads you to do.

If ordering something for me sounds too self serving…

Give Something That Ministers to Others

I’ll be honest. I don’t have the funds I wish I had to support several Christian ministries and organizations. If you’d like to do that on my behalf, I’d be grateful.

Send a contribution to any of the organizations linked below as a favor to me. If you like, let me know you’ve done that. Or simply enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done something good that ministers to others.

Suggested Organizations to Give To

Give Help to Others in a Time of Need

Any time there’s a natural disaster or some other catastrophe, and you want to give to charity, consider the following resources.

  • The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster site is They have links to their members on the “Help Where it is needed most” tab, along with other helpful information.
  • Another helpful resource to find reputable relief organizations helping with crises is
  • You can help provide needed survival supplies through Americans Networking to Survive (ANTS).

Thank you for whatever you can do.