Free from Christmas

Who hasn’t felt the pressure unique to Christmas? Shopping for gifts. Christmas parties. Church programs. And everything is centered around one day.

I know a way out.

It’s a radical idea for most. But let me gently ask, Would you consider not doing Christmas at all?

If you’re not too shocked or offended by such a suggestion, read on.

Our family hasn’t celebrated Christmas since the early 1990’s. At least I haven’t. I can’t do so with a clear conscience. However, my wife and grown children have compromised and are more sympathetic to doing Christmas.

But you’d be surprised how liberating it is not celebrating Christmas. I mean it.

For believers in Christ there’s more to consider than merely getting out from under the oppression of traditions.

Rather than argue my case or explain further, let me refer you to an instructive and loving message from a Baptist pastor from years ago. It’s as relevant and compelling today as it was when it was first given.

It’s called Christmas–A Demon Holiday.

If you’re seriously in pursuit of living a separated life, I’m confident you’ll want to read it all the way through. May God bless your meditation on the things pleasing to Him.