A Better Approach to Positive Thinking

I’m not a fan of positive thinking and visualization because these are often unrealistic. I heard of a better approach to positive thinking and daydreaming.

It involves something called WOOP. Here’s a brief description of how it’s worked out.

  • W–What is a wish dear to me?
  • O–What would be the best outcome? Imagine that outcome.
  • O–What obstacle in me holds me back from achieving this? Is it something like anxiety or an old habit?
  • P–Plan to overcome that obstacle. If (the obstacle) occurs, then I will…

This isn’t specifically Biblical or Christian, but it makes sense to me.

If you’d like to know more, find out by listening to a podcast linked on a page entitled Daydreaming and Mental Contrasting for Goal-Fulfillment with Gabriele Oettingen.