Gender Questions

The theme of “National Geographic” magazine for January 2017 is gender issues. Reading it was a loathsome task, but I was curious enough to slog through it. It’s more of a liberal propaganda piece than usual.

I don’t doubt the growing gender changes and confusion going on. Real problems exist. A number of factors may be in play, such as changing morals and cultural decline, broadly speaking.

I could quote Romans 1:18-32, especially the verses describing men and women doing that which isn’t natural. I could mention how God gives such people over to their own evil, burning lusts.

It would not be inappropriate to quote that Scripture passage and others. But I wish to bring up another side to gender issues which I hear nothing about.

What if gender changes, both physical and emotional, are being deliberately created? In other words, is something being done to us?

Consider several possible factors.

  • GMO foods
  • Fluoride, drug residues, or other chemicals in our water
  • Chemtrails with aluminum, barium, and other toxins in the atmosphere
  • Atomic radiation from nuclear plants and catastrophes like Fukushima

Are these indeed part of a depopulation program? Or are we being sickened and subdued so we can be better controlled?

Perhaps there isn’t a sinister purpose behind gender changes. Perhaps we’re experiencing accidental fallout from at least some of the factors mentioned above.

Or is all of this too conspiratorial to ponder? Are we afraid to admit deadly evil exists in our country and our world? Is it too big for us to comprehend?

What will God do about all of this in the end? He will have the final say.