Are We Ready for God’s Judgment?

Allow me to draw your attention to an article by Michael Snyder called “The Most Evil Government in American History”. It raises the question as to whether we’re prepared for God’s judgment.

God-fearing people will find it hard to disagree with the issues Snyder brings out.

For example, are we more concerned about the killing of an African lion or a rogue gorilla in a zoo than we are about the butchering of babies and the sale of their body parts? If you believe our media, the answer is “Yes.”

We can talk all we want about the evil from outside threats we face–everything from acts of nature to government intrusion into our lives. And let’s not forget about the hype about terrorism.

But what about the evil from within.

Just who are we anyway? When you and I look into the mirror collectively, what do we see? Are we a moral, upright people? Do we still have exceptionalism as America?

I think not.

How many times have you and I griped about a government that no longer represents us. Lobbyists have bought and paid for our Congress. The Supreme Court tramples the Constitution like fallen autumn leaves. And on it goes.

But what if those who say we have a representative government are correct? What if that government reflects our own inner corruption and putrid rot?

Draw your own conclusions after you’ve read the article linked above.

The author is correct in asserting that God will judge our nation. Difficult times lay ahead as a result.

And we will get what we deserve.

Are you ready? Have you made your peace with God?