Mandy or Randy?

One late Sunday night in 1975 I heard Barry Manilow interviewed on “Music People,” a program on WLS radio, Chicago. Manilow said his music was going to be diverse, like that of the Beatles. What a laugh! But I read something about Manilow which made me laugh even more.

Those who remember Barry Manalow’s hit songs will recall that nearly all of his numerous hits followed the formula set by “Mandy,” his first hit. So much for diversity. So much for not selling out to utter commercialism.

Manilow’s music saturated the airwaves during the ’70’s. I was thoroughly sick of it. I heartily rjoiced when Ray Stevens did “I Need Your Help Barry Manilow”, a parody mocking Manilow’s sappy content and formulaic style.

But about that other thing that made me laugh…

In his Friday Church News Notes for February 12, 2016, David Cloud wrote a piece called “Independent Baptist Church Features Homosexual Entertainer.” He chastized Marcus Pointe Baptist Temple in Pensacola, Florida, for hosting Barry Manilow in January. The church’s choir accompanied Manilow in a show that included his hit song “Copacabana.”

Did you catch that? That romantic songster of times gone by is a homosexual. Word is he “married” his long-time partner in 2015.

I didn’t know Manilow was homosexual until I read David Cloud’s piece. It all makes sense.

I have to ask. Was Barry Manilow singing about Randy, instead of Mandy all those years ago?

How many of Manilow’s adoring fans feel embarrassed and sullied now when they think about it, knowing this money grubber wasn’t singing those syrupy tunes about someone of the opposite sex?

I suppose there’s something to be said for appreciating art for art’s sake and not getting hung up on the artist. Nonetheless, sometimes there’s no accounting for taste.

By the way, I’m not off the hook. I’m certainly not perfect. As a youth I thoroughly immersed myself in top 40 and alternative rock and country music. But I’ve grown in the Lord since becoming a Christian at 16. Besides, with age comes understanding. Repenting means changing one’s mind and forsaking foolishness and sin.

One day the Lord will laugh in derision at those who scorned and scoffed at Him. He will in turn scoff at those who idolize the likes of Barry Manilow.

And then there’s Elton John, another superstar of days gone by, who is also homosexual. And I won’t even try to touch on the immoralities flaunted by today’s celebrities.

Dare we who are believers in Christ hold so dearly to the things we’ve become attached to in this world?