I had fun reading The Girl Who Could Fly, by Victoria Forester. It’s a story for kids about a country girl named Piper who was gifted with the ability to fly.

She found herself duped into being taken to an institution called INSANE. I forget what the letters stood for, but the idea of the place was to take children gifted with other abnormal abilities and make them normal. One method of doing that was to put drugs in their food.

Sound familiar? How many gifted children are on drugs for ADHD? But I digress.

Those who didn’t cooperate with the program were taken to a torture chamber and placed in a device called a MOLD. Again, I forget what the letters stood for, but it was a Molecular-something-or-other.

The pressure of the MOLD squeezed its victim into submission. How much like the world is that? Anyone who doesn’t conform is an outcast.

I loathe conformity. I’ve done plenty of it myself and can’t say much good has come from it.

One poignant example of unchallenged conformity comes to mind.

Consider December 25th, the day we all know as Christmas. If there was ever a day that represents conformity, that day is it. People say they hate the Christmas rush and all the commercialism, but they find themselves molded into the shape of Christmas anyway.

Christians are among the worst conformers with regard to Christmas. And they think they’re doing the right thing. “let’s put Christ back in Christmas,” etc., etc.

I’ll resist the temptation to go further into an anti-Christmas rant. But I encourage you to research the origins of Christmas. By the way, contrary to popular belief, it’s not in the Bible. That in itself would be enough to stop some from celebrating it.

But give the matter of conformity some thought,. Then ask yourself, have you been MOLDed?

Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.