Annette or A Net?

Personal Reflection: Gerald could be quirky with his ideas and thought associations. In this fictional letter from Karl to his friend George, he raises the prospect of fishing with a landing net.

I’ve heard some say fishing and preparing the fish would consume more calories than it provides for one’s body. I can imagine Gerald sayhing, “These people aren’t thinking about what a person would do when he’s starving.” Continue reading “Annette or A Net?”

Are You Prepared for Trouble or Hard Times?

I had a minor procedure done at a dermatologist’s office, and the doctor and nurse were awfully chatty. They wanted to know what I do for a living. I told them I spend a lot of time on a Web site dedicated to preparedness and survival.

I mentioned that one of my readers had purchased a supply of storage food recently. The nurse had no idea why anybody would do that. Continue reading “Are You Prepared for Trouble or Hard Times?”