How to Get Eggs from Rabbits

Personal Reflection: For a while one of Gerald’s obsessions, or manias, as he called them, was the study of Black Soldier flies and how they could be beneficial. The following is a piece of fictional correspondence from Karl to his friend George intended to introduce the idea.


Dear George,

I have been reading about the diet of Black Soldier Fly larvae. They don’t eat plants. I mean they eat cucumbers, but not the vines. They eat meat, and they eat fruit, vegetables and all kinds of manure.

So what if you fed different plants to rabbits? Think of all the plants rabbits eat. Then you let the Black Soldier Fly larvae eat the rabbit manure. Would not have to be their only diet, but I want to find out about that. They eat cattle and horse manure, and horses and cows eat plants.

Then the grubs could be a major part of the diet for chickens and ducks. So you would be getting eggs from plants via rabbits.

* Plants-to-rabbits.
* Rabbit manure to Black Soldier Fly larvae.
* BSF larvae to chickens and ducks.
* And eggs from the chickens and ducks.

Sound like a lot of work? Maybe some day soon, some of us will have no jobs, and this could be an occupation?

As a child I had both rabbits and chickens and loved taking care of them. The only thing missing was the Black Soldier Fly larvae. Who knew about them in those days?

I really want to try it this summer. What do you think, George?

Your friend,


Author: Gerald Franz

Gerald Franz (1935-2014) was like a second father to me in the 27 years I knew him. Brilliant and eccentric, with a wide array of interests, he fit the definition of being gifted. He strove to shake people loose from their conventional thinking. As a Bible believing Christian, his favorite and most studied Bible subject was prophecy. Writing became a means of teaching in his later years. See more about Gerald here.