The E’s (Ease) of Decision Making

The Bible speaks clearly about many things which are sinful, such as covetousness, sexual sins, worshipping false gods, and so on. But what about those things where the Bible doesn’t give clear cut guidance? Should we make up a set of rules to follow as many Christians do? Continue reading “The E’s (Ease) of Decision Making”

Essentialism – A Review

I reviewed Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown, for the November 2017 issue of Newsreel, an audio magazine for the blind, and it’s time to share my thoughts on it here for you.

Essentialism is a guide for figuring out what is truly necessary. Though not a Christian book, it’s the best self help book I’ve read in years. It helped me make a difficult, major decision I had been putting off. Continue reading “Essentialism – A Review”